Sunday, April 25, 2010

It is true that this blog is primarily about getting out into nature, but more than that, it is really about just getting outdoors in general and being active. That being said, few things combine being outside with having a great time like a live music festival, and Norman has its very own every year by way of the Norman Music Festival.

The Norman Music Festival just held its third annual event this weekend, and this year's was the biggest yet with an early estimate of upwards of 35,000 people getting out for the two day festival featuring some of the best up and coming bands from around the country, food vendors ranging from healthier vegetarian cuisine to classic fried favorites, and merchants set up selling all of the band memorabilia one could ever hope for. The festival took place right in the heart of downtown Norman on Main Street and was absolutely free to anyone who wanted to attend.

The fest has grown in each of its first three years now, going from just about 13,000 total spectators in its first year to over 25,000 in its second and finally moving from a one day festival to a two day event this year to accommodate the crowds. There is truly something for everybody at this event and not just in the way of music. There is an area showcasing films by local filmmakers, an area for kids complete with rides, and all kinds of giveaways all the way down Main Street. The Norman Music Festival is an awesome event that brings a lot of money, good publicity and above all, a good time to the city of Norman. So, if you have not been able to check one out yet, make sure and get to next year's festival.

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