Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Myriad Botanical Gardens

If there is one thing that can hinder any outdoor plans in a hurry, it is the weather. Unfortunately for outdoor lovers in Oklahoma, this state is known for crazy weather that can go from being sunny and 75 degrees one day to having a freak snowstorm the next. So, what happens when a well planned outdoor adventure suddenly gets ruined thanks to an onslaught of inclimate weather? Sure, it is easy to just give in and stay inside watching television all day, but there are other options if one just thinks a little bit outside the box.

One such option is the Myriad Botanical Gardens right in the heart of Oklahoma City. This mini indoor rainforest offers visitors the unique experience of getting to feel like they have just stepped in the middle of a jungle no matter what the weather is like. With thousands of unique plants, and even a little tropical wildlife in the huge glass building, it is easy for one to forget that they are in Oklahoma while visiting the Botanical Gardens. So, next time a sudden downpour ruins your outdoor plans, rather than just sit at home, make the short trip to the Myriad Botanical Gardens to get a little taste of the outdoors while still staying dry.

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